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mission and vision of Primary Care Solutions

Our Mission and Vision

FREE Non-Emergency Medical Transportation through Primary Care Solutions is an important service for individuals needing assistance getting to and from health-related appointments and pharmaceutical pick-ups. Medicaid beneficiaries provide NO out of pocket costs for any of the transportation services rendered.

Primary Care Solutions NEMT is a great choice when you really need someone to take you to appointments when the need is not immediately life threatening. The next time that you need to take a trip, consider non-emergency medical  transportation. 


You can make this call directly or have your caseworker, caregiver, doctor’s office, therapist, a friend or relative call the number listed and ask to be transported by Primary Care Solutions. It’s that simple. Just be ready and on time for pickup for a safe, professional and efficient transport to and from your destination. 

Our transportation service is FREE to Medicaid beneficiaries.

Health Services and Pharmacy rides to and from Destinations for, but Not Limited to the Following:

. Case Management Visits
. Chemotherapy
. Counseling Services
. Dialysis
. Diagnostic Assessments 
. Doctor visits
. Hospital Discharge
. Medication Management 
. Mental Health Services
. Pharmacy Prescription Pick-ups
. Physical Therapy 
. Rehabilitation & Recovery
. Substance Abuse Services
. Therapy Sessions
. Transferring of Hospital Facilities

mission and vision

Our Mission and Vision


The Mission of Primary Care Solutions, Inc., is to provide housing, adaptive living skills, independent living skills, outpatient services, substance abuse services, supported employment services, and other necessary supports to youth and young adults who otherwise would be homeless, incarcerated, or institutionalized. We believe that when supported with the necessary services and supports, every individual has the opportunity to live a healthy and productive life.

The Vision of Primary Care Solutions, Inc., is to empower persons with various illnesses and disabilities by offering them the same opportunities for growth and success as others. We believe that given a chance and necessary resources, adolescents and adults will be strengthened to maximize their potential and far exceed the standards that they have set for themselves. PCS plans to utilize existing services such as: Mental Health Assessment, Crisis Intervention, Community Psychiatric Support Team, Intensive Home based, Outpatient, Day Treatment, and residential options to provide a well-rounded continuum of care for those served. Building success through teamwork.

One child. One plan. One family at a time.

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